How Your Donation Helps

Annual Report 2017-2018



Professional Education: 35.2%

Public Education: 34.8%

Patient Services: 28%

Management Fundraising: 2%




EFVA General Donation

All donations are tax-deductible. 

Donations pay for...

$16 a month gives EFVA a webpage, a valuable source of info for 80,000 Virginians with epilepsy
$20 pays for refreshments at a support group
$30 is gas money for persons who need to visit a physician
$40 pays for 20 kits on seizure first aid for day care centers
$50 pays for 80 mailings of USE A HELMET PREVENT EPILEPSY calendars to pediatricians
$70 pays for refreshments and literature at a neurology clinic health fair
$100 pays for a small picnic for epilepsy heroes
$150 pays for one time direct assistance for persons with epilepsy who work.
$200 pays for one billboard for epilepsy education
$250 pays for an epilepsy awareness day
$300 pays for a bicycle and helmet to keep people with epilepsy who temporarily cannot drivein the workplace
$500 pays for a memory course for people with epilepsy
$1000 pays for regional training of schoolbus drivers
$25000 pays for one seizure alert dog
$26,000 pays for statewide training of either police, EMTs, day care and school nurses. 

"Use a Helmet, Prevent Epilepsy"

Your donation helps increase the accessibility and variability of our assistance to the community. Check out our services here

The EFVA is a 501c non-profit organization with Tax ID# 54 l 1379432, your donations are greatly appreciated