How Your Donation Helps

Annual Report 2016-2017



Professional Education: 48.3%

Public Education: 12%

Patient Services: 38.5%

Management Fundraising: 1.2%




EFVA General Donation
Race for Seizure Freedom 5k (Sept 24, 2017)
Tour de Midnight (Oct 14, 2017)
Virginia Beach Stroll (Oct 15, 2017)
Lynchburg Stroll (Nov 5, 2017)
Charlottesville Stroll (Nov 5, 2017)
Cider Slider 5k (Jan 6, 2018)

Donations pay for...

$16 a month gives EFVA a webpage, a valuable source of info for 80,000 Virginians with epilepsy
$20 pays for refreshments at a support group
$30 is gas money for persons who need to visit a physician
$40 pays for 20 kits on seizure first aid for day care centers
$50 pays for 80 mailings of USE A HELMET PREVENT EPILEPSY calendars to pediatricians
$70 pays for refreshments and literature at a neurology clinic health fair
$100 pays for a small picnic for epilepsy heroes
$150 pays for one time direct assistance for persons with epilepsy who work.
$200 pays for one billboard for epilepsy education
$250 pays for an epilepsy awareness day
$300 pays for a bicycle and helmet to keep people with epilepsy who temporarily cannot drivein the workplace
$500 pays for a memory course for people with epilepsy
$1000 pays for regional training of schoolbus drivers
$25000 pays for one seizure alert dog
$26,000 pays for statewide training of either police, EMTs, day care and school nurses. 

"Use a Helmet, Prevent Epilepsy"

Your donation helps increase the accessibility and variability of our assistance to the community. Check out our services here

~ The EFVA is a 501c non-profit organization with Tax ID# 54 l 1379432, your donations are greatly appreciated ~