Our Mission

The Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia leads the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives. The foundation was established in 1978 to promote awareness about epilepsy and provide assistance to those with the disorder. 


The Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia provides these services for Virginians with epilepsy:

  • training sessions for professionals, families, friends, and colleagues. 

  • public education programs with puppets for schools and talk shows on radio and television. 

  • one time medication assistance

  • transportation assistance

  • assistance with general epilepsy-related emergencies.  

The Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia is governed by a Board of Directors dedicated to assisting Virginians with epilepsy.

A Professional Advisory Board assists the Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia with legal and medical issues.

The Foundation is a nonprofit voluntary health organization exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501 (C) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code and qualifies for the maximum charitable contribution deduction by individual donors.


Programs & Goals



EFVA's mission is to PROMOTE AWARENESS about epilepsy, ADVOCATE for and PROVIDE ASSISTANCE  to Virginians with the disorder through: 

  • helplines, regional offices and peer counselors statewide. 

  • annual awareness days and awareness strolls.

  • training for employers, school personnel and public service employees.

  • emergency assistance and transportation.

  • Spanish speaking offices. 

  • Family Fun Days and Summer Camp.


  • Use a Helmet: Prevent Epilepsy campaign among fourth graders promoted education and awareness and was accompanied by training in schools.  It received a commending resolution from the Virginia General Assembly. 

  • 500 emergency physicians received training on new medications, facilitated by Drs. Huff and Fountain from the University of Virginia and Dr. Frank from CHKD. 

  • Media interviews, articles and billboards about epilepsy increased throughout the state. 


  • Have more camps and fun days for children with epilepsy

  • Enable all Virginians with uncontrolled epilepsy to have access to specialized epilepsy care

  • Update and complete information on exercise and epilepsy

  • Help persons with epilepsy spread the word about the behavioral risks outlined by the Centers of Disease Control