Everyone needs to be aware of epilepsy,
regardless of if you have it or not

Facts You Need to Know

1. Anybody can have a seizure, it comes from the brain

2. Seizures come in all different forms, conclusive or non-conclusive. There are brief seizures or myoclonic jerks, while others are much more prominent. Recognize different seizures and know your seizure first-aid!

3. Having a seizure does not mean you have epilepsy. Seizures are merely symptoms of epilepsy, while epilepsy is when the brain irritates other brain functions as a result of electrical bursts of energy that are not usually there.

4. There are different types of seizures and epilepsy types that can affect everyone. 

5. Epilepsy is caused by a multitude of factors. This can include genetic makeup, infection, trauma, stroke, injury from birth, inflammation, infection, and more. 

6. Often times, seizures can be controlled through different treatments. Some treatments include medication, change of diet therapy, surgery, medically implanted devices, and more. However, there are currently no cures. Epilepsy can go away on its own as well. It is possible to control life with epilepsy with appropriate treatment. 

7. 1 in 26 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy. In Virginia, there are 80,000 people with epilepsy of all different races and genders. 

8. Seizures and epilepsy contains the risks of injury and death. Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) causes approximately 50,000 deaths in the USA per year. Be aware of ways to prevent SUDEP. 

9. YOU can help by simply being aware. Know how to identify different types of seizures and proper seizure first aid. 

Seizure First Aid