Are day care centers refusing epilepsy patients? With MAT Program, no room for excuses!

By Ruchelle Buenaventura


Child Day Programs:
Get your MAT Certification!

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While families of children with epilepsy may have difficulties finding a day care facility that can accommodate for their child's needs, inadequate training is no longer a valid excuse! These child care providers should be able to administer medication after this course, a common difficulty of EFVA parents. 

The Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia and the Virginia Department of Social Services - Medication Administration Training (MAT) Program have partnered to develop a course for training care takers with skills necessary for children with epilepsy. From providing children with medication to discourse about treatments and first aid, this course makes it possible for providers to be knowledgeable. This training is also approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing and provides legal authorization to administer the medications covered to children in care. 

*** The first 40 qualifying providers to register will attend this training FREE OF CHARGE!*** 
Medical Home Plus will begin offering these courses during June, so act now! Registration is first come, first served!

How to access MAT Epilepsy course?

The course is offered in two versions to provide access to as many child day providers as possible. 

  • MAT Epilepsy for Uncertified Providers is designed for providers who hold no current MAT certifications. It covers all the skills and knowledge that a provider needs to care for a child with epilepsy while the child is at the child day program.
  • MAT Epilepsy for MAT Certified Providers is designed for providers who hold a current MAT or MAT Renewal Certificate. It takes about half the time that the MAT Epilepsy for Uncertified Providers course takes. This course covers the additional skills and knowledge (not covered in the MAT course) that these providers need to care for a child with epilepsy.


Email Medical Home Plus (program managers for the MAT program) at  Please put "Epilepsy Registration" in the subject line of your email. Include: name of the provider(s) you wish to register and the child day program(s) they work for.

Preference will be given to providers in remote southwestern locations, employees of small child day programs, and employees of home-based day care facilities. Special arrangements have been made to hold these classes in remote and southwestern locations for the convenience of providers who cannot otherwise attend. 

For complete information on the MAT Program, please visit the MAT Program website at