Success story by Dr. Kurukumbi

By Ruchelle Buenaventura 

After epilepsy surgery in 2015, George Rouse goes 2 years seizure free.

George Rouse goes 2 years seizure free after epilepsy surgery facilitated by Dr. Kurkumbi (from EFVA Professional Advisory Board) and his team at Inova Epilepsy Center!  

Check out WUSA9 interview here:

Prior to any seizures, Rouse practiced law. However, after bashing his head on a bookcase, he gradually developed epilepsy. Over several years, his epilepsy progressively increased from several seizures a month to several times a day. Dr. Kurukumbi identified that the seizures were coming from the right side of his brain. Dr. Leiphart, epilepsy neurosurgeon at Inova dissected the affected area and completed the surgery. To this day, Rouse only has to take one AED and is seizure-free. 

If anyone is interested, there is an epilepsy support group at Inova in Falls Church, VA the 2nd Tuesday of every month.